CRRC President Xi Guohua Visits BOGE

On April 13th, CRRC President Mr. Xi Guohua and a CRRC delegation arrived in Germany and paid a three-day visit to the three German BOGE locations in Damme, Bonn and Simmern.

At first, the delegation visited the BOGE Simmern plant before they went to Bonn to inspect the R&D and rubber mixing center. Last station of their trip was Damme where they visited BOGE headquarters’ production facilities and R&D Center. During the visits the delegation had the chance to learn more about BOGE’s lean production, informatization, automated production lines, and R&D capabilities. The visitors especially appreciated BOGE’s fully automated lightweight pedal box production line as it was designed according to German Industrie 4.0 requirements.  

Dr. Bremer introduced BOGE’s development and post-merger achievements during the past 1.5 years as well as the strategic planning for the next five years. 
Mr. Xi stated that CRRC acknowledges/ appreciates BOGE’s post-merger operational performance and achievements concerning market development, synergies, integration and technological innovations. CRRC will continue to fully support BOGE’s global development especially concerning the entry into low-cost countries and emerging markets.

Finally, Mr. Xi Guohua said that he will continue to be BOGE’s “salesman” to further promote its expansion on the Chinese domestic market. He praised BOGE’s cooperative development projects with TMT and the CRRC Zhuzhou Institute and agreed to the idea of establishing a global R&D center and encouraged BOGE to actively cooperate with CRRC’s research institutions. 

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