New Product Developments

MR Damper

The MR Damper is a shock absorber based on magneto rheological technology. The damping force can be adjusted by changing the intensity of the input current or the magnetic field. MR Damper's advantages are small size, low power consumption, large damping force, wide dynamic range and high frequency response. The MR Damper provides real time damping which adjusts during use or operation.

New Product Developments

Buckling-restrained Brace (BRB)

The Buckling Restrained Brace (BRB) is an energy dissipation and mitigation device in which support stiffness is given by a protection sleeve, and energy dissipation realized by the plasticity of steel in the core. The combination of a BRB and a bounded frame not only provides efficient lateral force resistance, but also provides an energy dissipation and mitigation system.

Under slight seismic activity, the stiffness of the BRB system will remain high, which can control the required deflection. In case of a large seismic activity, the BRB will yield under tension or pressure and eliminate the weakness of the conventional frame.