The product is manufactured by using the "salivation method" and is used for sintering and wrapping magnet wires.

It is subjected to polycondensation and salivated to film by dianhydride, diamine and the modified nanomaterials in strong solvent and finished by imidization.

It is applicable for turn insulation and main insulation of special motors such as traction motors, wind generators and oil field motors.


TMT Experience

In the early 2000s, TMT improved the formulation based on the "salivation method" and developed the resistant polyimide film with the use of modified nanoparticles as well as the doping technique combined with resin molecular structure design.

The product was awarded by the Guilin Electric Apparatus Research Institute and passed the probation of several well-known motor manufacturers.



The film is yellow transparent with good electrical properties, high heat resistance, high chemical resistance, good mechanical properties and other beneficial characteristics. Further advantages are a superior corona resistance and an excellent thermal conductivity.


Insulating Materials