This polyimide film product is produced by using the "salivation method" and features  high temperature resistance, radiation resistance performance and excellent dielectric properties.

It is composed through a polycondensation of dianhydride, diamine in strong solvent condition and formed by imidization.

The Electrical Grade Polyamide Film is applicable to H class motors, electrical insulation and electrical insulation materials for other uses.

TMT Experience

Since the 1990s, TMT has been developing polyimide films. TMT was also the first company, who supplied this products on a large scale to the railway industry and made great contributions to respective technology with developing the aluminum foil method.

Meanwhile, the aluminum foil method has been replaced by a more advanced process, which is accredited from the Guilin Electric Apparatus Research Institute. The product has been applied on a large scale in the wind power industry and to domestic railway vehicles.


The film is yellow transparent with outstanding high temperature resistance, radiation resistance, chemical corrosion resistance performance and electrical insulation properties. It is able to operate long-term under temperature conditions between 250 ~ 280 ℃.

Insulating Materials