This polyimide film product is produced by using the "salivation method".

It is composed through a polycondensation of dianhydride, diamine and special monomers in strong solvent condition and formed by imidization.

Polyimide Film with Low Thermal Expand Coefficient is applied to products for the electronic information industry and electrical insulation materials.


TMT Experience

Early in this century, TMT used the new state of aggregation of micro-control method combines resin molecular structure design and develop low thermal expansion coefficient of polyimide film based on an improved formulation.

The product is accredited by the Guilin Electric Apparatus Research Institute and large scale supply to domestic customers has been conducted.



The film is yellow transparent and has not only excellent properties common to all the polyimide films, but also features high dimensional stability, high elastic modulus and a low thermal expansion coefficient.

Insulating Materials