TJ1173 resins are silicone impregnated resins without silicone solvent, which is mainly used for 200 class insulating treatment of high-power locomotive traction motors, urban rail locomotive traction motors and motor car towing motors. It also can be used for the insulation of wind motors, for fire protection and nuclear power generators.

TMT Experience

Development of Wacker H62C (Germany), Fengluo 3551 resin (Switzerland) and TJ1173 solvent-free silicone impregnated resin.


CSR motor projects: Chongqing Metro project, Shenhua locomotive project. Fuzhou Wande projects: wind motors for fire protection.


TJ1173 resin has excellent high temperature properties and can be long-term used at 220 ℃. The product has excellent electrical properties, low dielectric loss, excellent fire retardant properties, hydrophobic properties and radiation resistance performance.

Insulating Materials