TJ13 6


TJ13-6 180 Polyester-imide Varnish of Solventless is an imine modified unsaturated resin with a low toxicity solvent-free varnish dissolved in low viscosity vinyl toluene reactive diluent. It is applicable for class 180 insulating treatment of a variety of medium-sized high-voltage motors, traction motors, wind turbines and electrical windings. It also can be used for the general roller dipped dipping and the vacuum pressure impregnation (VPI) process.


TMT Experience

The product is supplied to domestic and international customers.



TJ13-6 class 180 polyester-imide solvent-free varnish has a good performance with low curing volatile, an excellent environmental performance, good electrical insulation properties, mechanical properties, mould and moisture proof and chemical resistance performance. It also has a good performance concerning low thermal bonding temperature and dielectric loss factor, film fullness, smooth and good chemical resistance after curing.


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