The product is a two-component self-dry coating. The resin is fluorocarbon resin, which give products good weathering resistance, corrosion resistance and electrical insulation properties. The curing agent is aliphatic isocyanates, which give products good drying performance. The product is a special coating with corrosion resistance and insulating properties of the insulating paint. It is applicable for surface protection of products such as motors, transformers and other products under medium high corrosive conditions.

TMT Experience

The product has been used since 2011 and has been batch applied in fields of wind power motor stator, locomotive traction motors and transformers etc. The product has been batch delivered to CSR Motor, Yongji Motor and Nanjing Turbine Megawatt Wind Power Motor with stable quality. Product colors are sea-blue and bright red.


With good electrical insulating property and class H heat resistance, the product is self-drying and has also low-temperature solidification. The product has a particularly excellent weather resistance, corrosion resistance performance and it is particularly suitable for long-term protection in harsh environments.

Insulating Materials