The product is a two-component self-dry coating. The resin is a modified heat resistant epoxy resin, which ensures the products’ good adhesion and insulation performance. The curing agent is aliphaticisocyanates, which provides the products good weather resistance. Furthermore, the product is a special coating with corrosion resistance of the coating and insulating properties of the insulating paint. It is applicable for surface protection of motors, transformers and other products under medium low corrosive conditions.


TMT Experience

Since over 10 years, TMT has been supplying this product in large scale for products in the fields of wind power motor stators, locomotive traction motors and transformers.

Since 2006, the product has been supplied to customers such as CSR Motor, Yongji Motor and Nanjing Turbine Megawatt Wind Power Motor. The product ensures stable quality after years of operation.



With good electrical insulating properties and class H heat resistance, the product has self-dry ability and also low-temperature baking-curing. Furthermore, the product has excellent adhesion properties, which can be applied to a variety of substrates such as carbon steel, aluminum and copper.

It also supports the use of impregnating varnish and has also good paint film toughness and hardness.

Insulating Materials