T-J5442-1 Epoxy Glass Fabric Mica Tape


TJ5442-1 Epoxy glass fabric mica tape is an epoxy adhesive bonded mica paper, single sided with electrical alkali-free glass cloth for reinforcement. After processing (baking, rolling, cutting), it is applicable for the insulation of medium-sized high-voltage motors and wind turbines vacuum pressure impregnation at an operating temperature of 155 ℃.

TMT Experience

In 2002, TMT began the research and development of the epoxy minus voltage tape. In 2005, the epoxy minus voltage tape has been successfully developed for high-voltage motors with a rated voltage of 6kV ~ 10kV.

In 2008, the tape was applied to 1.5MW direct drive wind turbines in large quantities.


The product has a high mica content and good compatibility with varnish. After coiling, forming and curing it has good flexibility under normal conditions, good dielectric properties, corona resistance and high mechanical strength.

Insulating Materials