TJ5461-1 Silicone CR Film Glass Fabric Mica Tape


TJ5461-1 Silicone CR film glass fabric mica tape is a silicone adhesive bonded mica paper. CR film and electrical alkali-free glass cloth are used on both sides for reinforcement. After processing (baking, rolling, cutting), the disk and ribbon insulating material is applicable for the main insulation of large &medium-sized high-voltage variable frequency motors at a working temperature of 200 ℃ and various other electrical appliances insulation.

TMT Experience

In 2001, the insulating department of Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Research Institute applied DuPont's resistant polyimide film (KAPTON CR film) to the turn insulation of motors for the first in China. Meanwhile, in order to meet the corona resistant performance of inverter motor primary insulation, new mica tape has been developed with the CR film as a reinforcing material, and successfully applied to the inverter traction motor. In 2008, it was successfully applied MW doubly-fed wind generators.


After coiling, forming and curing, this Mica Tape has good flexibility and good dielectric properties, corona resistance and high mechanical strength.

Insulating Materials