Product Description

There are various types of bushings used in the railroad industry including damper bushings, swing arm bushings, and traction bushings. Each name comes from the assembly location and function of the bushing.



TMT has the ability to design different sizes for different applications of the product. Our experience with rubber technology allows us to develop bushings with a large stiffness variation rate between the longitudinal and lateral direction. This stiffness variation allows for one direction to be very stiff while the other direction can be very soft.

We have more recently begun to use Polyurethane within our component design to carry higher static and dynamic loads in railway applications. For more demanding vehicle applications including for those with high performance in mind, combining the isolation of rubber with the load bearing capability of PU gives us the ability to develop longer lasting products without compromising vehicle comfort.



  • metro-train Metro Train
  • light-rail-train Light Rail Train
  • intercity-train Intercity Train
  • high-speed-train High Speed Train
  • locomotive Locomotive

Reference Projects

Our Bushings have been applied to numerous railway projects worldwide.