Product Description

The base plate is a rail fastening system which is composed of an upper plate and lower plate bonded with rubber. We have many types of base plates including the shear and compression base plate applied on standard railroad track and the turnout base plate applied in turnout junctions.



Base plates are vulcanized as one piece, have a simple design with few components, and are easily installed. The product is maintenance free for the entire product life.

The upper plate connects to the rail and the bottom plate connects to the rail track base, allowing for track width adjustments in a larger range when compared with common fasteners.

Our base plates can reduce noise by 5-10 decibels compared to fasteners without vibration reduction capabilities.

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  • metro-train Metro Rail Track
  • light-rail-train Light Rail Track
  • high-speed-train High Speed Rail Track

Reference Projects

  • London Underground, UK, 2016
  • Hong Kong Shatin, China, 2015
  • Canada Line Vancouver, Canada, 2006
  • Sydney Underground Tunnels, Australia, 1987