Product Description

The conical spring is named from the shape of the rubber layer design. The structure is designed with layers of rubber bonded to metal.

The conical spring is often installed in pairs in one axle box and provides three directions of stiffness; vertical (longitudinal) and horizontal (lateral and longitudinal). The vertical stiffness is soft and gets progressively stiffer in order to prevent derailment. The longitudinal and lateral stiffness is important for transferring the braking and traction force as well as for the stability of the rail car.



TMT is able to design different mechanical structures to meet different stiffness property requirements. Furthermore, we are excellent at designing products with low creep, and can generally minimize creep to around 15% over the product life time; industry averages are between 20-25%. We predict creep and design products to compensate for it.

Our newly developed Hydraulic Conical Spring provides flexible connection, vibration attenuation and appropriate vertical damping properties. Furthermore, one Hydraulic Conical Spring can substitute both a conventional primary spring and a hydraulic damper.

The Conical Spring is maintenance free during its entire service life.


  • metro-train Metro Train
  • high-speed-train Light Rail Train
  • intercity-train Intercity Train

Reference Projects

  • Stockholm Metro, Sweden, 2015
  • Singapore Metro, Singapore, 2011
  • Buenos Aires Metro, Argentina, 2010
  • R2N, France, 2008
  • Brussels LRV, Belgium, 2005