Product Description

The Layer Spring is generally consisting of a top plate and a bottom plate connected through vulcanized rubber. Some Layer Spring models also possess an inter plate, featuring a multi layer structure.


The stiffness of a Layer Spring can be adjusted according to design requirements and can provide different levels of vertical stiffness, lateral stiffness and compression height to ensure the stability of the train when running at high speed.


We provide several rubber formulas which can be selected suitable to the respective application (resistance formula, low creep formula, high temperature or low temperature formula).

We produce a broad range of Layer Springs with different size and installation methods as well as different structures, such as single and multi-layer.

The Layer Spring is maintenance free during its entire service life.


  • metro-train Metro Train
  • light rail train Light Rail Train
  • intercity-train Intercity Train
  • high speed train High Speed Train
  • locomotive Locomotive

Reference Projects

  • Zefiro Italia 350 (High Speed Train), Italy, 2013
  • PKP Intercity Project, Poland, 2012
  • CRH 380-D High Speed Train, China, 2012
  • New Dehli Metro, India, 2008