Product Description

Air springs are used in the secondary suspensions of rail vehicles. The air spring system is usually composed of a bellow, top plate, sliding plate and auxiliary spring. The bellow consists of cord layers, rubber layers and steel wire to improve strength. These three materials together increase the inflated performance of the bellow.

The air spring's main functions include supporting the weight of the vehicle, and providing vertical, lateral, and bogie rotation flexibility. The air spring also levels the car to the correct height under varying passenger loads. A height adjustment system installed with the air springs ensure that the car will be level with the railway platform no matter how many passengers get on or off the rail car.



TMT's diaphragm provides great resistance to normal operating forces, and the auxiliary spring has one of the lowest rubber creep properties in the railroad industry. With over 40 major projects completed, we can provide quick solutions based on customer's space and performance requirements. TMT has installed an advanced production line with automatic key process parameter control which contributes to high product quality and production efficiency.



  • metro-train Metro Train
  • intercity-train Intercity Train
  • high-speed-train High Speed Train

Reference Projects

  • Crossrail, UK, 2015
  • New York City Metro, 2014
  • X60 Project, Sweden, 2013
  • SBB Double-deck, Switzerland, 2013
  • Adelaide Metro, Australia, 2012
  • Tibet Line, China, 2006
  • EMU CK-406, India, 2005