Product Description

The anti-roll bar system is located between the bolster and the bogie frame. It helps to reduce the body roll of a vehicle during operation. The complete anti-roll bar assembly is comprised of a torsion bar, levers, links, and support bearings. This system is especially important in vehicles with soft secondary suspension.



TMT possesses the capability to design both straight and bent anti-roll bars. Our long experience developing anti-roll bar systems has taught us how to reduce development time and keep costs low. Because of our extensive experience, given only the most basic product parameters, we have the capability of designing antiroll bar systems that can meet or exceed all of our customers operating expectations.

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  • metro-train Metro Train
  • light rail train Light Rail Train
  • intercity-train Intercity Train
  • high speed train High Speed Train
  • locomotive Locomotive

Reference Projects

  • QRNG, Australia, 2014
  • Singapore Metro, Singapore, 2013
  • SBB Double-deck, Switzerland, 2013
  • CPTM Line 11, Brazil, 2011
  • Budapest LRV, Hungary, 2009