TMT's headquarters are located in the largest railway industry hub in China – Zhuzhou city. As one of the most well established Chinese suppliers of the railway industry and an important part of the CRRC Group, we have a very strong relationship with the railroad supply chain and have been successfully developing integrated business projects for the main international players in the railway industry since 2004. Through our integrated business service, we are helping our customers to develop the supply chain which generates cost reduction, improves efficiency, and realizes less resource spent on China sourcing.

We are your ideal partner for integrated business in China.

What differentiates us in developing new suppliers

  • International and domestic project management expertise
  • Access to many suppliers in the Chinese railway industry
  • Well established engineering, logistics, and trading departments
  • Proven integrated business track record for the largest railroad manufacturers

China Market Expansion Opportunities

China is the largest railway market in the world and TMT has already achieved a strong foothold. Utilizing our experienced and successful sales force, we offer the possibility of fast market penetration through our extensive “guanxi” (relationship) network in the Chinese market and within the CRRC Group.

What differentiates us in helping you expand in China

  • Use our extensive client network to identify demand for your product in China
  • Facilitate communication and optimize relationships
  • Ensure reliable payment from customers
  • Well established engineering, logistics and trading departments

Integrated Business Team

Our integrated Business Team includes all necessary functions and therefore provides a comprehensive service scope.


Product & Services Portfolio


Successful Integrated Business Cases

Since 2004, we already realized several successful integrated business projects with a number of large railroad industry players. Selection of successful project examples: