Gearbox Damper


Gearbox Dampers are installed on both sides of the gearbox and are structure-wise separated into a bushing and a multi-sandwich spring. The Gearbox Damper is generally applied to the single bearing driving system and carries the gearbox weight and the multi-direction operating load. The multi-sandwich spring is mainly applied to the two bearings driving system and carries the torsion load generated by the rotation of the gearbox.


The Gearbox Damper has been successfully applied to various turbine models including: 750kW, 850kW, 1.25MW, 1.5MW, 2.0MW, 2.1MW, 2.3MW, 2.5MW, 3.0MW, 3.6MW and 4.0MW.

Generator Damper


With its pre-stressed structure, the product has excellent anti-vibration performance and fatigue resistance, large loading capacity and is easy to install. Customized products are also available to meet customers’ requirements.