The Wind Power Coupling is used to connect the wind turbine gearbox with the generator. Its function is to transfer torque output from the gearbox as well as to compensate the deviation of the gearbox output shaft and generator input shaft radial, axial and angular.


With their pre-compressed structural design, the rubber joints are capable of keeping the wind turbine running for a very long time.

The Wind Power Coupling has powerful compensation ability and angular, radial and axial compensation can simultaneously reach the maximum value.


With correct linear stiffness, the product can prevent the damage from the spate of reaction to the bearing of the generator input shaft.

With high reliability of the friction plate torque limiter it can maintain high torque value under the situation of continuous sliding.

With reliable insulation performance, the resistance reaches up to 100MΩ when HV is 1000V.

With large torsion safety margin it can prevent the damage to the intermediate pipe from instantaneous impact load.