TMT is specialized in polymer material technology with strong structure design capabilities and our technologies and competencies are all developed from polymer material research, production, modification, composition and engineering application. Technology is the integral part of our development strategy, which implies independent innovation and a continuous expansion of our capabilities, which is backed by annual R&D investments of nearly 7% of our annual sales revenue. In this course, we have been able to make positive contributions to the technological development of acceleration, heavy load, lightweight as well as passenger comfort.


Major Technologies and Core Competencies

TMT focusses on enginnering research and aplication of polymer materials which is based on five major technologies and seven core competencies. Please click images below for more details:

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TMT Test Center

TMT's state of the art technology center specializes in the research and development of polymer composites, elastomeric components, system structure technology, insulation materials, and special coatings. With a building area of 24,840 square meters, the technology center is considered the best and largest elastomeric technology center in China.

Testing Capabilities

Our technology center has a wide range of test capabilities including metal, rubber and elastomeric material tests, chemical products performance test, precisioninstrument analysis, vertical load test, vertical dynamic test, horizontal load test, friction coefficient test, creep test, shear adhesion test, shear ageing test,etc.The center is also equipped with finite element analysis software ANSYS, ABAQUS, and product design computer platforms UG and CAD equipment.